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Our mission is to provide you with individualized treatment that will enable you to meet your goals and reach your true potential.
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We offer convenient virtual appointments.

At The Mindful Adult ADHD our clinicians are specially trained In ADHD treatment interventions. We provide evidenced based, holistic, client centred, collaborative, care so that you receive the highest quality of ADHD and executive function treatment available.

1. First Appointment - ADHD Assessment


A nurse practitioner will conduct a thorough review of your medical history, and assess for ADHD, and other medical and mental health conditions.

2. ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment Plan


Book an appointment with the same nurse practitioner to review your questionnaires and to confirm diagnosis and receive a personalized treatment plan and prescription if indicated.

3. Follow - Up Care


Book an appointment with one of our nurse practitioners for medication management and prescription refills.

ADHD Therapy & Coaching

Regular Session (50 min) – $150.00

  • Masters Degree Level Therapists
  • Specialized ADHD Therapy and Coaching
  • One to One
  • ADHD Groups
  • Covered by Extended Health Insurance

Group Sessions

$499.00 for 8 sessions.
8 week Program “Creating an ADHD Friendly Lifestyle”

  • Offered in small groups as well as Individually
  • Topics include: Managing procrastination and perfectionism, Time Management, Your ADHD Brain, Emotion Regulation, Organization and Planning, Motivation, Accommodations for work-school-home, Self Care, Executive Functions, and more!
  • Extended Health Plans may cover treatment costs. Please check with your provider to confirm coverage.

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ADHD Diagnostic Assessments

I will complete the Intake Forms (75 min) Today or my appointment will be cancelled.

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The Mindful Adult ADHD Clinic provides diagnostic assessment services for adults between the ages of 18-65

Youth assessments coming soon!

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